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From camera crews to green-box applications and satellite services, Team FAOS offers you the full range of required services for any kind of production.

Y1- “Silence of the Deep” (2019)

We dive 250 meters deep to uncover the secrets of submarine Y1.

A journey to the unexplored shipwreck of the legendary submarine Y1 “Lambros Katsonis” and its heroic crew, during World War II, brought up on screen for the first time in history.

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Down Time (2018)

Is it just a game?

Five young Greeks meet up in a parallel Athens, a city transformed by their imagination, and try to overcome “real” problems: as vampires, they have to avoid “dying a second time”.

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Argo Navis (2016)

Multiple award-winning documentary on the reconstruction of a prehistoric penteconter and its 1.200-mile journey.

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Down Time (2018)

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