I saw a city 

Short Documentary 8.34 min, 2022

I saw a city, which unexpectedly lost its sounds. Only the hum of the air remained.

A city that exists on the fringes of our gaze…

While wandering around the city, I stumble across short every day stories, starring anonymous passers-by.This wandering reveals a new reality, which leads us down a completely different path of questions and contemplation.From the combination of figures and urban space, and the overlap of information and symbols, a chaotic, sometimes decaying scenery emerges, which is undoubtedly real and characterizes the spirit of the city, as it has been shaped by the developments of recent years.


Y1- “Silence of the Deep”

Documentary 93 min, 2019

A journey to the unexplored shipwreck of the legendary submarine Y1 “Lambros Katsonis” and its heroic crew, during World War II, brought up on screen for the first time in history.

In September 1943, after an epic naval battle, Y1 was sunk by a German destroyer near the Greek island of Skiathos. Survivors retained its memory through personal diaries, books, official reports to the Hellenic Royal Navy and narratives to their relatives. We intend to pull its untold story from the silence of the deep, by combining historical findings with modern creative tools. For the first time, with the help of state-of-the-art technology, we dive into 250 meters depth, in search of the unexplored wreck of the submarine.

Down Time

Documentary 76 min, 2018

Athens, 2018.
Five young people share the common desire to escape reality through a fantasy world they create themselves. They meet up in a parallel Greek capital, a city transformed by their imagination, and try to overcome “real” problems: as vampires, they have to avoid “dying a second time”.
Reality often surprises us by overcoming our imagination.
Does the imaginary even exist, or is it merely a different description of reality?
Down time: is it just a game?

Argo Navis

Documentary 100 min, 2016

In 2003, “ΝΑΟΥΔΟΜΟΣ”, a group of scientists, began reconstructing a prehistoric penteconter as part of an experimental nautical archaeology research program. This is the ship’s tale, from choosing the trees to its two-year-long construction and its eventual trip to sea. The Argonauts’ mythical ship endured ten thousand strokes a day to travel from Volos to Ancient Colchis. Our modern-day Argo has to complete a 1.200-mile journey in 60 days. Will the 74 volunteer rowers withstand the trial? Or will this Argonautic expedition founder, thus turning into an endless odyssey?

Emery Tales

Documentary 66 min, 2015

In the mountainous landscape of Naxos, a Cycladic island, the villagers make a living out of collecting… stones. Ever since the Ottoman rule, six communities have had the right to mine emery, or “smyrigli”, which is hidden in mount Ammomaxi. In the old days, the black stone, used as an abrasive was very in demand. Nowadays, it is given to the government in return for health and pension insurance. The workers struggle with their barren fields in order to earn a living. The younger generations flee. “Without emery, our villages will perish,” Yannoulis tells us.

The right to work in the mines is reserved to 400 men, whose chief concern is whether the government will continue its mining activities. “Smyrigli” is their life, their history. Will it have a future, though? Should they take its fate into their own hands?